Body type and measurements

This post functions for future references when I talk about fit in sewing projects, instead of rehashing the same shit over and over again.

Yes it is awkward to share my measurements on the internet, but giving numbers is more helpful when talking about the good and bad components of a sewing pattern. It’s puzzling to me when people talk about fit in terms of the numeric size without relating to their body.

Body type diagnosis
Average height, long torso, short legs, broad shoulders, generous behind.

Ready-to-wear (RTW) issues

  • Dresses labelled as mini are even shorter, as my torso and butt take up most of the fabric.
  • Dresses with defined waists can hang too high above my actual waist. Forget about baby doll/skater dresses, they look infantile
  • Shirts are too short. Cropped tops are out, because in my world, most tops are cropped.
  • Shirts with defined waists hang too high
  • Boyfriend-fit button-downs are great because the baggier fit means they’ll accommodate my shoulders. Often shirts will fit great in the bust but I size up due to tightness in the shoulder.
  • Pants are too long. 30″ inseams work well, as well as using ankle pants as regular length pants. Depends on the cut of the leg and leg opening though.

Sewing adjustments
Add 2-2.5″ inches to the torso
None other known as of yet

Body measurements, as of 3/11/2016

  • Height: 5’6″
  • Weight: 145-150 lbs


  • High bust: 35.5″
  • Front high bust curve: 14″
  • Bust: 34.5″
  • Under bust: 32″
  • Waist: 29″
  • Hip: 40.5″
  • Sitting hip: 42.5″
  • Back width: 16″
  • Shoulder width: 21″


  • Neck to waist: 17″
  • Neck to bust apex/nipple(?): 10.5″
  • Neck to knee, tops: 38.5″
  • Waist to crotch: 11″
  • Waist to hip: 9″
  • Waist to knee: 24″


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