Treasure hunting at the Textile Garage Sale, part 2/2

Sarah and I were at the Textile Garage Sale for about two hours, and I was tired by the end of it. When you’re sifting through tables of disorganized goods, it can get overwhelming exerting energy into digging and debating over what’s worth taking home.


For about $33, I left with some great finds:

  • 3 yards black sand-washed rayon ($6)
  • 4 yards retro printed red rayon challis ($4)
  • 4 yards black, white, and coral linen from Elliot Berman(!) ($4)
  • 68 inches green and white print poly knit ($1)
  • 1 yard of cotton/poly Bermuda plaid ($2)
  • Several books and pamphlets on fitting ($10)
  • 20ish sewing patterns ($3)
  • Vintage buttons ($4)


Day to day, I wear mainly solids and stripes. Consequently, I tried to look for those although prints much more visually appealing! The black sandwashed rayon was a triumphant find and I hope to use it as a pair of casual pants or wrap dress.

The linen was luxurious find; it was stuck deep in a metal bookshelf. Originally $30  per yard at Elliot Berman. It has an 80’s take on the 50’s vibe. Destined for a sundress this summer.

I snagged the green and white polyester knit on my last lap around. It reminded me of a print used for a vintage Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress, like the one below. There’s only 68 inches of it, so a faux wrap dress might require less yardage.

I can live without a collar though

Not sure what the red rayon challis and plaid will be made into. The rayon challis was neatly packaged in a ziplock bag with the yardage and label of “pre-washed.” Clearly, it came from a loving home so I was obliged to take it with me.

The poly knit and challis smelled musty even after washing. A few spritzes of vodka and hours out in the sunshine got rid of the basement smell.

Came home with quite a few buttons too. Hoping they’ll inspire/encourage me to try making buttonholes on my sewing machine


Patterns were a mishmash, but mostly Stretch & Sew. I’ve heard positive things about them so I was interested in trying some out. I also found some lingerie patterns by Dolores of St. Paul. Sewing + local history = interesting, but Google didn’t produce any valuable information about this local pattern designer.


The Textile Garage Sale was immensely satisfying. It was awesome seeing so many people of various ages and ethnicity together with the common goal of finding a great deal on crafting supplies. It’s definitely going on my calendar for next year. Now, to actually start using my finds…

3 thoughts on “Treasure hunting at the Textile Garage Sale, part 2/2

  1. Great score! I’m in Lansing, MI and I have some old cards of Lansing buttons too! I’m not the best with the button holer attachment on my machine, so instead of using buttons as fasteners, I’ve been arranging random buttons in patterns ans sewing them onto projects as an embellishment.


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