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The other weekend MS and I went to the Minnesotan Mecca of fabric, SR Harris. After the Textile Garage Sale I didn’t need to buy more fabric but *spoiler alert* I left with fabric I’m pretty excited about.

Since we both play ultimate, the spandex section gave us inspiration to sew some unique leggings.  We both bought two yards of this geometric print, because it was also glittery with gggoooollllllddddd.


Until a few years ago, if I worked out at all, my gear consisted of old cotton t-shirts, the one sports bra I bought at Target in 2007, and one pair of aged running shorts. I do have many more polyester jerseys and running shorts, but leggings are still scarce. Target is great for most of my  athletic gear needs but all their leggings are too low cut. Combined with my generous bottom, I’ve experienced the unfortunate feeling of my butt crack exposed to the elements or threatening to expose itself to said elements. NO THANK YOU.

Mom taught me well and I refuse to pay full price for clothing. This policy generally works but makes finding athletic gear harder. Some of the smaller pattern companies like Fehr Trade, Jalie, and Sewaholic offer athletic/atheleisure patterns but since this is a test, I wanted something cheaper and more readily accessible (I hate assembling PDF patterns). The Big Four pattern companies don’t offer many options in athletic wear but recently seasons have produced a few, perhaps due to the popularity of atheleisure wear. Kwik Sew 4163 looked promising and I picked it up today.

Line art for Kwik Sew 4163

I don’t care for the tank top but the legging pattern looks like it would hold up while running around. The line art makes it hard to discern whether there is a crotch gusset to facilitate movement and prevent seams from rubbing at the crotch. I also appreciate the hot pants option; if this patterns pans out, I could see shiny gold athletic shorts (gaudy yet functional) in my future!

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