Sewing Mojo Risin’

Since late spring of last year, my interest in sewing had been slowly piquing. A friend and I enrolled in a sewing class at Crafty Planet to make Colette Patterns’ Moneta dress as a way to get together socially. Though I did come away with a finished dress, it’s been worn only once. I was rushed at the end of the second and last class and there were a lot of gross sewing mistakes because of it. As lackluster of a project, it got me excited enough to think about sewing again.

I learned to sew in Home Economics in seventh grade. Our teacher Mrs. Shirley Phister was old school and seemed to come from and currently live in a different era. From her I learned to hand sew (poorly) and use a sewing machine. I came away with a shitty fish magnet, an ugly cat pillow, a wonderful baggy sweatshirt I wore many times, a pair of boxer shorts, and a drawstring backpack my sister “borrowed” forever. Since then, there’ve been stops and starts to my sewing. I want this one to last a while.

PC111292 Before Christmas, I made several of Grainline Studio’s Stowe Bag. I made the small version. Directions were relatively clear, save the last part about sewing a bottom gus
set. This photo shows the first version I made using some fabric from the Hancock’s Fabric in Madison some years back. It’s from Japan and heavily printed to the point where it’s quite stiff. This would limit its application as a garment fabric, but I bought based on how the fabric looked, not what I would use it for. Perfect for a little bag, however.

The trickiest part is making the bias tape. You can of course just buy a package, but it’s one of those things I wanted to learn. I had a 3/4″ bias tape maker from Clover that worked out well. It was still too narrow for me to sew properly, mainly because of edgestitching, so now a 1″ bias tape maker is a part of my arsenal.

Sewing bags instead of garments comes more easily to me. I had plans to make a holiday dress, but that’s now on the backburner for next year. It’s much easier to buy fabric and dream about what I’ll make versus actually doing it. There’s a lot of anxiety to starting projects, a lot of which is attributed to ADD. I’m learning slowly how to deal with that.

At the end of this month, I’ve got a short trip to Florida. The goal is to sew at least one garment for it.